The City Protocol Society (CPS) is an institutional membership-based non-profit organisation, registered and constituted under the laws of the State of California, whose role is to manage the City Protocol programme. Membership is open to cities, commercial organizations, academia and non-profit organizations interested in city transformation. This is because the whole cycle of innovation can only be enabled by a solid, trust-based cross-sector partnership. It is only by bringing together the resources and strengths of all key stakeholders that cities will be able to meet the challenges they are faced with every day.

The rationale for creating, delivering and capturing value (excluding any commercial activity) in the form of informational or recommendation documents (i.e., City Protocol Agreement; CPA) is illustrated below.

A set of legal and organizational documents (CPODs) provides the legal framework for the operation and management of the organizational structure that is set up and empowered to deliver and disseminate CPAs.